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Graduation Information

Graduations for our k-12th Grade Program are held once a year in June.

Graduations for our adult high school program are held every 4 months.

The next Adult High School Diploma Program graduation is 

Saturday, June 1, 2024, at 1 pm CST

Graduation Hat Throw

All students graduates are able to attend the ceremony held in Milwaukee, WI. 

Graduates are responsible for purchasing there own graduation attire and will receive a free        8 x 10 graduation picture. 

For students that out of state you can use 

For your travel accommodations.

Destine To Succeed travel logo.png

Spring 2021 Graduation Pictures

Fall 2021 Graduation Pictures

Winter 2021 Graduation Pictures

Winter 2022 Graduation Picture

Spring 2022 Graduation Pictures

may 2022 graduation picture.JPG
Spring graduation 2022.JPG

Winter 2023 Graduation Pictures

alicia thomas graduation picture.JPG
Jamarioan graduation picture.JPG
winter graduation picture.JPG

Spring  2023 Graduation Pictures

Iyanna graduation picture.jpg
kayla graduation picture.jpg
Isahia dip.jpg
June class of 2023.jpg
you and me.jpeg

Fall  2023 Graduation Pictures

ms love 2 graduation picture.JPG
Jonelle graduation picture.JPG
dr. Whitehead and the graduates.JPG
arni love graduation picture.JPG
Jonelle Graduation picture 2.JPG
all of us at the graduation.jpg
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