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Our private on-line school provides a high-quality, flexible, individualized educational experiences in a safe, technology-enabled learning environment to empower students to achieve their academic and personal goals.
Our School staff, students, parents, and school partners work to achieve our mission through a process of continuous improvement and professional development based on the Expected School-wide Learning Results outlined below for School Culture, Engagement, Instruction, and Achievement.
Expected Schoolwide Learning Results
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K-5th Grade 

Our elementary school programs for grades K–5th grade inspires and motivates students to acquire the skills they need to succeed in school and beyond. We offer a complete elementary school education and individual courses to supplement a student's traditional or homeschool education.


6th-8th Grade

Our middle school programs for grades 6th–8th grades inspires and motivates students to obtain the skills they need to succeed in high school and beyond. Our curriculum offers students a complete middle school education or individual courses to supplement a student's traditional or homeschool education.


9th-12th Grade

Access more than 120 high school courses, including core subjects, Advanced Placement®, electives and six world languages. Whether you're enrolled full-time or simply taking a few courses, you can work at your own pace with easy access to teacher support. It's the flexibility you need with the top-quality education you deserve. No matter where your dreams are taking you, build the discipline that will help you succeed, today and tomorrow, with our high school program.

Doing Homework


All of our students, parents, student advocates, faculty, and staff participate in learning as a lifelong process and actively support the learning of others.

  • Students are actively engaged in their academic coursework.

  • Parents and student advocates utilize our school tools and resources to monitor and motivate student learning.

  • Faculty and staff work to design and implement programs and services that improve student achievement.

  • Faculty engage in ongoing, individual professional improvement.


Success is achieved by collective and individual engagement.

  • Students show progress within their courses in an appropriate amount of time.

  • Students complete their courses within their specified amount of time.

  • Students have the opportunity to be involved in clubs and organizations.

  • Parents, guardians, and school officials are engaged with their students’ education.

  • Students have the opportunity to actively communicate with teachers and the school community.

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